Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 27th, 2016

My other Blog ( with the same title ) was hacked.. I have put a few posts
over to this one, but have many more to do... not sure I have it in me to do all
of it as there is over 300 posts.  I may just bring some over, delete the rest, and then
delete that whole blog.  I did add a Christmas post,..and now this.

I made banana bread yesterday, have'nt done it in months, and everyone
loved it ... yeah !

Ken and I went and finished our hometeaching today for this month.
I'm loving the people and families that we go see.
It's nice to sit and chat and get to know them better, and we learn so
much from them.

I love Alberta... I love its beauty, I even love the crazy weather that we
get... what I don't love , is what's happening right now.
Anyway... its just a crazy time we live in, and I'm not enjoying
all the craziness.

On another note, its almost Valentines Day !!!
I've already started planning... EXCITED !!!!

By the end of March, all three of the students that we have now
will have left...sad is not the word that I feel.
All three are just so lovely, so respectful, and we love them.
Two will be gone by the end of next month... my heart is
already breaking...but... I am excited for them, for their new

Here's some photo's that I love...  I love nature, and sky and weather

Have a great day...

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