Sunday, January 17, 2016

Christmas Memories 2015

I hope I don't forget to write down something, because its been a few weeks now since
Christmas... hard to remember everything...

Our Grandaighter's Ashley and Teylour, Ashley's Hubby Chad and their twins
came over on the 20th December... they had their own wee Christmas this year
at their came to us earlier, which is great, because I feel like we
had Christmas going for a week.

Ken set the table so nice for our early Christmas dinner

but first we opened gifts

They loved theirs..
Here's Gramps helping show L what to do..or is it the other way around??

The very next day ( the 21st ) we did gifts with Bruno, as he was leaving
to go to Brazil for Christmas..

This is what he gave us... we love it so much
It plays Silent Night

We had a visit from Elias, before he moved to the West Coast

And our Granddaughter Skyla came over

At the beginning of December , we had the families we Hometeach
 and also my visiting teacher
over for a dinner.
I enjoyed it so much...

I love get together's..and we have the nicest made Christmas
feel more special...

Our Family also went to a Filipino party, and afterwards we
went to Spruce Meadows to see the lights.
it was sooooo cold when we
walked around Spruce felt
like our hands and toes could fall off.
Filipino food is so delicious !!
Just arriving at the party

Here we are at Spruce Meadows

I love lights, and even though it was freezing, I loved
walking around and seeing everything
Do we look cold ??  lol

We also had Christmas Carrollers come to our door
with goodies too !!

Christmas Eve, Ken had to be up at 3:30am for work, but
was home by 3:30 pm
We do mostly finger foods for dinner on Christmas Eve, and
Ken and I go out for a walk.
Its so calm and peaceful.. we looked at some lights and
just talked about the year, and our family

We came home and got the gifts around the tree.

Christmas Day was busy, preparing food, opening gifts
and being surrounded by friends and family..

Love my new P.J's

Love everyone here so much

After everything was cleaned was lovely
just watching everyone talk and laugh..
I chimed in once in awhile, but I
mostly sat on the couch and
enjoyed everyone else.....

It's over for another year.. we are 
in the middle of January already

I wonder what this year will bring

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