Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I was trying to transfer all my posts from my other blog..the one
with the same name as this, but its taking me too long.. I will still
plug away at it, but have decided to just write in this one in the meantime.

Last week was hard... sooo hard.
Let me start at the beginning.... our student Kendrick left... we felt
so close with Kendrick, so as much as we are happy for him ( he is
travelling in South America for 50 days ).. he will go to 5 countries  and
stay for 10 days in each country.. anyway, it was still sad for us when
he left.
 Then our oldest son was using a hunting knife to cut something
and it slipped,it slit between his thumb and finger, but it went deep.
It was bleeding badly all day, and by 9pm he sent a text to Ken.
When Ken arrived at his apartment, there was blood everywhere, so
Ken took him right away to the hospital.. it was so bad that they
took him in right away... he had 5 stitches, but they kept him there
for hours afterwards, because they weren't sure if he cut an artery..

Our 2 almost 3 year old grandson fell out of a loft window
onto concrete... it was the scariest thing to get a phone call
and told this... but its a miracle... he didn't break one bone..
his wee face is bruised and cut up, and they kept
him in hospital for a concussion, but every day his cute
wee face is getting better... its amazing how fast he is healing.

That same night we were in our van and hit from behind...
but he took off !! A hit and run...
Ken is still having problems with his neck.

Our other student left ... she has gone to work on a farm
in Nanaimo for 3 weeks...and by her photo's, she is
loving it....  but it was sad to see her go..
We do have two new students who are lovely.. but
its also hard missing the ones who have left.

My computer broke... and although its just a small thing
compared to everything was kind of the last straw
the icing on the cake in a way.
After everything that happened I felt defeated...down..
and honestly, I cant seem to shake this feeling ..

Amidst all of this, I got a phone call..I basically have
a job. ( have to do the orientation, and get a police
check done ). It will be in the lunchroom at the school.
I also will get to read to the kids... just two and a half
hours a day, four days a week.
I should be excited more than I am.. I mean, I am
excited for this opportunity, its just that it came when
everything else was going on, but maybe that's the
point... maybe that's why it came then.. maybe it was
meant to come when it did.....