Monday, December 28, 2015

BEING PREPARED ANDHAVING FUN...... originally posted June 13th, 2008

Just a couple of pics from the Ward party

Last night I went to a family preparedness fireside.
They talked about getting a 72hr kit and how
important it is to be prepared.
It was so interesting... some things
I knew already and some I did'nt.
Even so, its good to be reminded.
We have kits for my hubby and I
but I know there's more we have to work on
in that area.
They also talked about getting our food storage in, and
how important having water is... water is THE most
important thing to have.
I would say that is where we are lacking...
we dont have enough water at all.

We do have some storage though not all.
I want to have enough to help my daughter
and grandchildren also.
Our Ward goes once a month to the cannery,
so we went this month.
I have never been before.. I LOVED it... so much
fun, and its good to be working toward a common
goal... its so important to be prepared.

Tonight we went to our Ward activity.. I took

a couple of pictures that I'll post here.
We had Beef on a bun and different salads.
There was fruit for dessert... it was good,
and the turnout was also great !!
Unfortunately we had to leave before the
activity they were going to do actually
got started. Ken had been up since 1;00am
for work, and was too exhausted to stay longer.
Tomorrow we are up early to go to Banff again..

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